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Invitation to Round Robin for the Gravimetric Mass Balance (GMB) parameter

The Greenland_Ice_Sheet_cci project performs an open round robin experiment to compare and evaluate algorithms for the generation of Gravimetric Mass Balance (GMB) products. Since the experiment is carried out in close collaboration with the Antarctic_Ice_Sheet_cci project it deals with both the Antarctic Ice Sheet and the Greenland Ice Sheet. Beside GRACE data synthetic datasets of global mass changes form the basis for the algorithm evaluation. 

The Greenland_Ice_Sheet_cci team is looking forward to receive your contribution by 18 September 2015. All contributions will be analysed anonymously.

For instructions please see Read more »

Greenland Ice Sheet Essential Climate Variable

ICESat elevation changes 2003-2009 L. Sorensen, DTU-Space Over the last decade, the Greenland Ice Sheet has shown rapid change, characterized by rapid thinning along the margins, accelerating outlet glaciers, and overall increasing mass loss. The state of the Greenland Ice Sheet is of global importance, and has consequently been included in the CCI Programme as a monitored Essential Climate Variable (ECV).

The object of the CCI Ice Sheets project is to maximize the impact of ESA satellite data on climate research, by analysing data from ESA Earth Observation missions such as ERS, Envisat, CryoSat, GRACE and the new Sentinel series of satellites.

The project will produce data products of the following five parameters, which are important in characterizing the Greenland Ice Sheet as an ECV:

Surface Elevation Change (SEC) gridded data from radar altimetry; 
Ice Velocity (IV) gridded data from synthetic aperture radar interferometry and feature tracking;
Calving Front Location (CFL) time series of marine-terminating glaciers;
Grounding Line Location (GLL) time series of marine-terminating glaciers;
Gravimetry Mass Balance (GMB) maps and time series.

The CCI data will be supplemented with partner agency data from missions such as Landsat and ICESat in order to provide consistent, long term time series of these five parameters. Together with melt extent data from satellite microwave observations, the CCI Greenland Ice Sheet data sets will improve the monitoring of the most rapidly changing ice sheet on the planet. 

All data will be made available to the public in a transparent format. We believe that the data sets produced van be of great societal importance, particularly due to the connection between Ice Sheets changes and future global sea level changes.

Figure: ICESat elevation changes 2003-2009 (L. Sørensen, DTU-Space). For a large version of the figure click "read more": Read more »

Data Products Visualisation Available

ESTECA visualisation of the Greelland_Ice_Sheets_cci data products has been made in Google Earth and is available for download. In the visualisation, Surface Elevation Change (SEC) data and Ice Velocity (IV) data are shown as partly transparent overlays. Calving Front Location (CFL) data is show as polygons. The user may navigate and zoom using the relatively familiar Google Earth interface. The Google Earth program must be installed to view the file.

The temporal span of the data is controlled by using the time interval picker in the top left corner. The CFL data for various epochs may be inspected by setting the temporal span. The same may be done for the 5-year running means in SEC. For IV, the PALSAR partial coverage and the Jakobshavn and Upernavik focus areas comprise multiple snapshots in time.   Read more »

Data Products Available!

The Greenland_Ice_Sheet_cci data products are available from the Products Download Page. Important information about the data products is available in the Product User Guide (PUG). Please review the PUG when checking out the data products.

Fill in the simplified registration form by clicking on ’register’, then enter the following information about yourself: Your name in the following form: Firstname.Lastname, your organisation, and your email address. Choose your password and click ‘Register’. Click ‘log in’ and provide (again) your name on the form Firstname.Lastname, and the password you previously picked.

The SEC, IV, CFL and GLL products are now available and may now be downloaded from the page. Read more »

Sentinel-1 Preliminary Ice Velocity (IV) Product Produced by Consortium Partner ENVEO Featured on ESA Page


An Ice Velocity (IV) preliminary product created from Sentinel-1 data has been featured on the Space In Images section of the ESA homepage.

This image combines two Sentinel-1A radar scans from 3 and 15 January 2015 to show ice velocities on outlet glaciers of Greenland’s west coast. Sentinel-1 offers excellent capabilities for observing the velocities of Greenland’s outlet glaciers with unprecedented temporal resolution at complete spatial coverage, extending and enhancing the time series of ice-velocity maps available from previous satellite sensors. Read more »

Tenth and Final Ice Sheets Progress Meeting to be Held in ESTEC

ESTEC The tenth and final Ice_Sheets_cci progress meeting will take place in ESTEC on Tuesday, April 21st. The meeting will focus on validation activities, project outcomes and data products. This is not the end for Ice Sheets however, as the Ice_Sheets_cci project will continue in two different successor projects: The Greenland_Ice_Sheet_cci and Antarctic_Ice_Sheet_cci phase two CCI projects. The kick-off meetings for these two projects will take place on April 22nd and 23rd respectively. Read more »

Sentinel-1 Preliminary Ice Velocity (IV) Product Produced by Consortium Partner DTU-N

GEUS in Øster Voldgade 10DTU-N, one of the Ice_Sheets_cci consortium members, has produced a preliminary IV product.

The image shows an ice velocity map of the Upernavik glacier region. The image was made with offset-tracking on Sentinel-1 Interferometric Wideswath (TOPS-mode) Single Look Complex (SLC) data. Five 12-day pairs from October 10, 2014 to December 9, 2014 were used. Click "read more" for the full image. Read more »

CCI Ice Sheets Passes Milestone Five

The CCI Ice Sheets project has passed the fifth project milestone with the acceptance of the System Prototype Document (SPD) and the System Verification Report (SVR)

To see the documents click on the links in this news item, or click on "Resources/Documents" in the "Navigation" sidebar. To aid the reader a brief description is given of the contents of each document: Read more »

Ninth Ice Sheets Progress Meeting Held in Copenhagen

GEUS in Øster Voldgade 10 The ninth CCI Ice Sheets progress meeting took place at GEUS, Copenhagen on Thursday, October 23rd and Friday, October 24th. The data products, which have been being produced and finalised over the summer of 2014, were presented to the Climate Research Group (CRG). 

In addition the following topics were covered: Phase 2 planning for both Greenland and Antarctica; the CryoSat-2 project extension; and the Sentinel-1 project extension. Read more »

Fifth CCI Collocation Meeting Held in ESRIN

The 5th Collocation meeting of the CCI takes place in ESRIN, Italy from the 20-22 October 2014.

This year's colocation meeting focuses on how operational the CCI projects are, and what steps are needed to make the production of the Essential Climate Variables systematic and sustainable. To this end, the Copernicus Services, key users of operational ECVs have been invited to present at the meeting. The delegates will hear from the climate, atmospheric, marine and land services. Read more »

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